Drone Enlightenment

August 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Nubble by DroneNubble by DroneCape Neddick, ME There were lots of people at Nubble Light today, and many of them spoke to me while I was flying. There is a lot of misinformation out there about drones, and I am always happy when I can enlighten folks as to what drones can and cannot do. As I started my second flight, I overheard an older woman saying, "I hate those things", as she watched my drone take off. She then elaborated that they made her nervous, as she was afraid they were going to crash. As I flew the drone away from the parking area, she got a bit closer and asked me if I could spy into the windows of the lighthouse. I explained that most consumer drones have wide-angle lenses that are designed to take in the scenery and are very poor at getting close ups. She asked could I fly up to the window, and I said that I would never fly that close to a building. I showed her what the camera sees in the monitor, and she was immediately wowed the views that were captured. She asked me several more questions, until her family members pulled her away. She ended by saying, "I want to get one of those." It made me feel good to see such a quick 180 degree turn-around in her feelings towards drones. 

So if you see my flying, don't be afraid to ask questions. If I appear to not be engaging with you fully, it is because I need to focus on the flying at the same time. However, I am always happy to take what time I can to provide a little drone education. 


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